The Aisle Podcast – Episode 2 – Senator Jim Ananich

State Senator Jim Ananich grew up in a close-nit Genesee County family.  He is rooted in the working-class culture and demographics of the 27th State Senate District which he now represents.  Senator Ananich does not shy away from discussing his humble beginnings and how his parents taught him to have a strong faith, to value education, and to always extend a helping hand to others.

While he refuses to place blame for the Flint Water Crisis on any single person, he speaks about the pain that he deals with daily from knowing that a governmental system that should have protected the people of Flint from this type of disaster did not.  From his vantage point as State Senate Minority Leader, he currently fights to assure that harmed Flint residents receive the health and financial assistance they rightfully deserve.  He also speaks about his crusade like efforts to prevent other communities from experiencing a Flint-like crisis.